Jewelry Repair - Diamond Stone Setting


Diamond setting is a very specialized trade. We offer diamond setting and stone setting services with full guarantees on the work that is done. Our experts will review your setting and will provide suggestion on best way to maintain your exclusive jewelry piece.

We also carry a wide range of stone settings, prong replacement and can also retip prongs as needed to ensure a safe and beautiful look.

We offer gold or gemstone setting services, specializing in the precise placement of gemstones into gold settings. This meticulous process ensures a secure and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Additionally, these stores provide prong repair services, addressing issues with the metal prongs that secure gemstones in place. Expert jewelers assess and fix any damaged or loose prongs, enhancing the overall durability and safety of the jewelry. These services are vital for maintaining the integrity of gold and gemstone pieces, offering customers the opportunity to preserve both the beauty and structural soundness of their cherished jewelry items. Clients can consult with jewelry professionals to determine the appropriate setting or prong repairs needed, ensuring their pieces remain stunning and secure.