Watch Movement Quartz Conversion


There are times where a new movement is more feasible instead of replacing individual parts. In cases where the watch is extremely old, parts may no longer be available and it will make more sense to replace the machine inside to a new quartz movement. This provides you with the convenience of only having to replace watch batteries every couple years instead of winding the watch regularly.

We offer watchmaking expertise offer watch movement quartz conversion services, transitioning a mechanical watch movement to a quartz movement. Skilled watchmakers carefully replace the intricate mechanical components with a precise and efficient quartz movement, enhancing accuracy and reliability. This conversion is often chosen for its durability and low-maintenance characteristics. The watchmaker's expertise ensures a seamless transition, preserving the watch's external appearance while improving its functionality. Clients can rely on these services to modernize and optimize their timepieces, enjoying the benefits of a quartz movement in terms of precision and convenience.