Watch Repairs

Watch Repairs Near Me!

With years of professional expertise, we perform watch repair services on all types of watches including quartz, windup, self-winding and automatic. In our wide array of watch repair services, we replace watch batteries, watch bands, bracelets. We also adjust watch band, shorten watch, remove links and make watch smaller. Watch glass or crystal broken? Bring it in and we will repair your watch.


If you are unable to set your watch or the hands are loose or any pieces dangling / hanging inside the face of the watch, we can repair / replace the items as required. We offer a complete menu of watch repair services such as watch stem / crown replacement, hands repair, crystal replacement, back repair.

We can also polish and ‘beautify’ your watch giving it a shiny / glossy look thus removing scratches from the watch case and strap.


 Watch batteries replaced while you wait. We offer the most lowest / affordable prices in watch batteries in Broward County Tamarac Coral Springs Parkland Coconut Creek!!! We use quality watch battery from Renata which comes with full guarantee.

We replace batteries for all major brands including Bulova, Casio, Citizen, Fossil, Guess, Geneve, Invicta, Michael Kors, Movado, Seiko, Swatch, Tissot,

We also replace batteries for Car FOBs, Vehicle Remotes, Alarm Remotes, Garage Door Opener battery and clock batteries.


Is your watch too big or loose? Need the band shortened or adjusted? Need band / bracelet links removed? No Problem – we can measure your wrist size and make watch smaller or larger as needed. We remove links while you wait so you can enjoy wearing your watch immediately.


Is your watch crystal scratched or chipped? Did you accidently drop the watch or hit it against a hard surface and cracked the glass? No Problem, we offer watch crystal replacement with various types of crystals – sapphire crystal, hardex glass, plastic crystal, dome crystals and more options based on your needs.


  • Quartz

There are times where a watch may stop working and replacing the battery may not resolve it. We service / clean movements, remove corrosion, realign hands and test the coil / pulse of the quartz movement until it is in working order. Once the servicing has been completed, we monitor the mechanisms for 7 – 10 days to ensure optimal performance and offer a minimum of 1 Year Warranty on such repairs.

  • Automatic / Self-Winding

For self-winding, windup and automatic watches, since they are mechanical, we do a thorough servicing of the movement including removing parts / gears, lubricating the parts, realigning and resetting the timing mechanism until it is keeping precise time. Once the servicing has been completed, we monitor the mechanisms for 7 – 10 days to ensure optimal performance and offer a minimum of 1 Year Warranty on such repairs.

If your watch requires a new leather band, metal band or stretch band, we can replace it while you wait (in most cases). We carry a wide variety of gold tone, silver tone, two-tone straps and can also repair your existing bands by replacing buckles, locks, clasps and more depending on the problem.

There are times where a new movement is more feasible instead of replacing individual parts. In cases where the watch is extremely old, parts may no longer be available and it will make more sense to replace the machine inside to a new quartz movement. This provides you with the convenience of only having to replace watch batteries every couple years instead of winding the watch regularly.