Jewelry Repair - Ring Size Bigger or Smaller


Whether you reside in Tamarac, Coral Springs, Parkland or Coconut Creek, we can resize white gold, yellow gold or sterling silver ring to fit your finger size. Our experts will measure your finger size accurately and determine a comfortable fit. Our in-house jewelers can make gold or silver rings bigger or smaller.

We offer ring sizing and adjustment services for both men and women's rings. Ring sizing involves resizing a ring to fit the customer's finger comfortably. This process can include enlarging or reducing the ring size. Ring adjustment, on the other hand, focuses on modifying the existing size for a better fit without changing the overall size significantly. Skilled jewelers use various techniques to ensure that the resized or adjusted ring maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. These services are essential for customers who need their rings to be tailored to their specific finger size or those looking to restore the comfort and wearability of their beloved pieces. Customers can consult with the jewelry store's experts to determine the appropriate size or adjustment needed, ensuring that their rings are both stylish and comfortable.